The Alumni FSSGians Alumni Association
Maryland, Virginia & District of Columbia
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The Association’s History

The FSSGians Alumni Association (Washington Metropolitan Branch) was founded in 1988 by a group of concerned FSSGians who wanted to play a more active role in supporting the school, its teachers and pupils. It started as a small group of women and now has about 60 active members.

Over the years, the Association has undertaken numerous fund-raising projects. These include Thanksgiving services, Fund-raising dances, and luncheon sales. It has sent the proceeds from these and other efforts to the school, which has used the money for a wide variety of programs that have benefited the students and teachers of the Freetown Secondary School for Girls.

Our Purpose

1.  To promote and support the charitable, social, educational, and cultural welfare of the pupils and alumni of the Freetown Secondary School for Girls (FSSG) in the United States of America and in Sierra Leone.  Working within the FSSGian community shall not preclude working with or serving other immigrant communities, or providing services to others in need.

2.  To work in close cooperation with the Board of Trustees, the Principal and Staff of the Freetown Secondary School for Girls for the furtherance of the academic and social activities of the school, and the maintenance of discipline among its pupils.

3.  To promote unity and cooperation among all Ex-Pupils of the school.

4.  To engage in regular fund raising for the support and maintenance of the Freetown Secondary School for Girls.