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My dear FSSGians, it is with great pride and joy that I welcome you to this beautifully crafted medium of communication.  On behalf of the Freetown Secondary School For Girls Alumni Association (FSSGians Alumni Association), Washington Metropolitan Branch, I welcome one and all to our New and Improved Website: http://www.fssgianalumnidmv.org

This site was launched in July of 2016.  I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to our web builder, Ms. Francetta Strasser-King for doing such a  wonderful job.  We are happy to be able to share some of our proudest moments with the rest of the world via this website.

Our branch which was founded in 1988 by a small group of ex-pupils in Maryland has expanded over the years to about 70 members mostly from the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC area, with a few from other states such as North Carolina and Florida.  Membership is open to all FSSGians in the United States of America, but especially to those in the Washington Metropolitan area, and those living in areas where there are no local branches.  To be regarded as an active member, a FSSGian must fulfill our membership dues requirement.

Our Mission

Our mission, in line with all other FSSGians ex-pupils associations is to work closely with the Board of Trustees, the principal and staff of the school in Freetown to enhance the academic and social activities of the school, and to maintain discipline among its pupils.

As an alumni association we strive to:

1. Work in close cooperation with the board of trustees, the principal and staff of the Freetown Secondary School for Girls for the furtherance of the academic and social activities of the school, and the maintenance of discipline among its pupils.

2. Promote unity and cooperation among all ex-pupils of the school.

3. Engage in regular fundraising initiatives to further the educational achievements of the pupils, improve the quality of the teachers and staff, and support, maintain and enhance the physical facilities of the school.

4. Promote unity and cooperation between our branch and other ex-pupils/alumni associations.

In line with our mission and in support of the school, the association has undertaken and continues to undertake numerous fundraising projects.  These include our annual thanksgiving service, dance, luncheon sale, picnic, and bus trip.  Proceeds from these events have been sent to the school, which has used the funds for a wide variety of programs to benefit the school.  Programs that have benefited from these fundraising efforts include a contribution to the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone, payment of ancillary staff during the Ebola crisis, scholarships to students based on financial need, shipment of donated school furniture to the school, renovation and repair of school facilities, school supplies for students, donation of prizes for Prize Giving Ceremony, and payment of teachers’ salaries, among other things.

This year as we celebrate the school’s 90th anniversary, we are making concerted efforts to promote our school while bringing to everyone’s attention the various projects we have embarked on.   Through out the year we will continue to raise funds that are needed to sustain the school, since privatization is now a reality.  We have been given the green light by the government of Sierra Leone to proceed with the privatization of our school.  The school is now on a 3-year probation while all stakeholders work out and implement a plan to assume complete ownership.  This 3-year probation period is critical to the future of the school.  In that regard, we are appealing to all FSSGians, friends, and supporters for your continued support.

I cannot end this message without thanking all those who have faithfully supported us over the years.  I want to say a special thank you to all of you.  Without your support (both moral and financial) we would not have been able to accomplish much.  We are indeed counting on your continued support as we work to make dreams come true for thousands of young ladies who will have the opportunity to attend the school.  

Together we can give the girls all that they need to be all that they can be. Thank you and God bless you.